Customer Testimonials for Rose Motorcars

Erin P. - 2009 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Me and my husband were looking for a very specific car and we found one possibility here at Rose Motorcars. I spoke with David Friday and let him know we were interested but not coming down until the next day at the earliest. I was hesitant to tell him I was interested at all because I've had bad experiences with car salesmen where you ask about one item in inventory and then the salesman calls you over and over but luckily David wasn't like that at all. We made the 1-1/2 hour drive Saturday and we were met by David who was very nice. The car was a beautiful corvette so me and my husband couldn't go together for a test drive so David took us separately which was nice. We also came pre-approved for our loan yet David had said "if you want I can just check with a couple banks ( not a ton so our credit wasn't run a million times) and I bet I can get a better interest rate." He was able to get in down by 1.5% which is a lot over a loans lifetime! Anyway this was a very nice car buying experience I bought the extended warranty but not because I was pressured at all it was a WAY BETTER DEAL than I could get anywhere!! I love and know a lot about my cars and I felt very good doing business with David here at Rose Motorcars!!! I will be a returning customer!!!

Brian S - 2009 Mercedes Benz CLK500

Worst part was the drive to get there. David and his staff were great. Pre approval with online application.  The car, my car, was better in person than the photos showed. (Conv Mercedes) 

As previously mentioned , I had to drive my beater to them, but they took it in, in trade, I still feel sorry for them.  The drive home was amazing. New car so much better than the car I drove to them. 

Thank you Yelpers!  Being an internet based car company I relied on us to help me out.  You didn't let me down and I have David and his professionalism and reputation on Yelp to thank for guiding me to a great deal. Car was competitively and reasonably priced and in fabulous condition.  I would definitely recommend these gents to someone looking for a car.

Alex W - 2013 Nissan Leaf

Best Car-Buying Experience of My Life!!

I spent two weeks researching Nissan Leaf electric vehicles and their current market in the Bay Area. When I went into the dealership, I spoke with David - the sales manager. He was by far the friendliest, most-informed, and least aggressive car salesman I've ever met. I've bought 7 used vehicles in my lifetime and I've never been happier. He was so down-to-earth and decent to me, that even when a different dealership gave me a cheaper offer on a similar vehicle, I wanted to give David the opportunity to price match it because I really wanted to give him my business. He worked hard to match the other dealership's price and sold me a pristine vehicle in perfect mechanical condition that is above and beyond what I could have expected. I probably will not buy a used vehicle from anyone else but him ever again. Ownership should recognize what a gem they have in him because I would buy from him even if he went to a different dealership. Thanks, man.

Martin R - 2000 BMW 540i

I purchased a 2000 BMW 540I from David at Rose Motorcars and am totally satisfied with the experience. Though I had passed on the $500 3 day return option, David took the car back, sent it to his mechanic and had my problem repaired. The car runs beautifully. It was easy to work with David and the price was good. But most of all I appreciate a dealer, who stands by his product.

Jennifer J - 2004 Porsche Cayenne S

recently purchased a used Porsche Cayenne from David and Lyle at Rose Motorcars in San Ramon, CA and I have to tell you this was by far the best experience I've ever had purchasing a vehicle. I live in Reno NV and I found the vehicle on the internet. When I called to see if the car was still available Lyle told me it was and within a short amount of time I was called back and told to fill out an online application as I did need financing. In less than an hour I was told I qualified so I jumped in my car late in the afternoon on a Saturday and made it to Rose motorcars hours after closing, but David said it was not a problem and he stayed past closing for me and my husband. He allowed us to test drive the car by ourselves; when we returned he was upfront gave us the car fax went over the financing and to my surprise, it was exactly what he told me over the phone. Even though he could have taken advantage of us, considering we had driven all the way from Reno and he knew I wanted to the car; he didn't. He stuck with the same exact terms he told me over the phone earlier in the day. It took less than an hour for all the paperwork and I was on my way back to Reno with my new car. Since then David and Lyle have called me several times to follow up with warranty items and they have done everything they've promised. I would definitely recommend this dealer for anyone looking to buy a used car and I would obviously do business with them again in the future! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them an 11. Jennifer J., Reno, NV

Donna H - 2005 Toyota Matrix

I just purchased a Matrix from Rose Motorcars and I couldn't be happier! I have to say from previous exposure, I am very cautious of used car dealerships. As it turned out, the car I wanted was at Rose Motorcars so I proceeded with caution. Lyle was so patient with all my questions and concerns. He was so warm and friendly and not at all pushy. He was honest and upfront about everything and very easy to deal with. Financing through my credit union was approved but it was a pain going back and forth with them so Lyle very quickly set up financing for me, at a better rate than my credit union. I got a fantastic deal on an awesome car...exactly what I was looking for (except the black interior but it was such a great deal i had to overlook that)! I would not hesitate to refer my family and friends to this dealership. Thanks Lyle and Dave for all your help....i love my car!